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ELEVATION has amazed audiences worldwide !
But don’t take our word for it – read the comments below!!

It never ceases to amaze me how you all have the voices, mannerisms and music down pat. It's uncanny! I was standing with a bunch of people that haven't seen Elevation before and from the opening bars they were so impressed. Another thing you do is create that connection with the audience just like U2 does. It's not like you're performing for the audience... you perform WITH the audience. And I couldn't believe you four remembered me from way back too. Very cool.
Ramona // Vancouver
Although this reviewer cannot compare Elevation with any other tribute bands, it felt like Bono (Shawn Brady) was singing to me. His energy was infectious. The band sang all the favourites, "Sunday Bloody Sunday," "Beautiful Day," "With or Without You," "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," and too many others to mention in a short review. The crowd went wild, singing along to every word and then screaming for encores when they left the stage. - Royal Gazette, Bermuda.
Royal Gazette // Bermuda

You guys HAVE to come back to Orlando - if you don't I will cry or we will protest. It is always an incredible time at your shows.
Stephanie // Orlando

People are still stopping me in the street commenting on how great Elevation's Bermuda show was! Congrats boys!!
Andrew (promoter) // Bermuda

The highlight of the night was Elevation. The U2 tribute band from Canada, stole the show with a tight, precise and energetic performance.
Trinidad Guardian Review // Trinidad
I gotta say, out of all the tributes out there, you guys are by far the best there is, period. You have the whole thing with sound, video, everything.. Hats off!
Mark // Hamilton, Ontario

Kevin, I never thought it would be possible for anyone to re-create The Edge's sounds live on stage... but you did. You were amazing!! ...Elevation is as close to the "real thing" as humanly possible.
Jeff // Las Vegas

Elevation simply blew my socks off. Oh My God. They were the ONE. Lady With the Spinning Head just blew me away. Mysterious Ways. Electrical Storm – feck.
Scarlet // New York

I wasn't surprised to see that the singer and the guitarist were really good. I mean, how could you even try a U2 tribute without that? The real surprise for me was the rythym section and how well they played both as indviduals and as part of the band. The whole band is seriously awesome. Thanks for a great show.
Robbie // Halifax

Wow, what a show last night! I have seen a few "U2" cover bands, and I now have to report that you guys are far better than any U2 tribute band I have seen before. I saw a pretty decent one in LA right before the "real U2" show, I thought they were really good, until last night! You must love what you do!
Alana // Victoria
I have seen you guys three times... it is like seeing the real band.
Wayne // Milton
You guys totally rock. Best tribute band ever.
Wade // Oshawa
I was skeptical at first about going to see a U2 tribute band - but then I thought, why not. I was curious to see just how good they were (or weren't). I have to say, last night at Stage West in Mississauga, this band practically tore the roof off the place. I couldn't believe what I was hearing... it was as if The Edge was there in person... And I could have sworn that was Bono singing up on stage! The whole band was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! What a performance!
Janet // Missisauga

I'd like to thank you all for making our corporate event a successful and fun night. Everybody I've spoken to was blown away with your show and they had a great time. On a personal note, you're a great bunch of guys and your willingness to work with us to make the evening a success is very much appreciated. You certainly have a new fan in me, and I'll definitely recommend you when the opportunity presents itself.
Dave // San Francisco

Good morning Elevation - knowing how hard U2's music is to produce onstage and being a fan from their beginning, I have to say I'm impressed! When the band started playing I closed my eyes and thought I was listening to U2. Shawn - you have an incredibly powerful voice that's amazingly close to Bono's. If you come back to entertain Regina in the future I will be there!
Barbara // Regina

Hi Guys, my wife and I saw you last night in Vancouver. I just wanted to let you guys know you put on one great show. As musicians you guys are incredible, as an act, you are bang on. I have never really seen any tribute band do total justice to the band they are tributing...until I saw you guys! We were thoroughly entertained and really just wanted to say, thank you for giving us a great evening.
Jason // Vancouver
WOW, boys you were really good this Saturday in St-Jean... come back any time!
Carine // Montreal

You guys were awesome the other night in Regina!
Sarah // Regina

I've been a huge fan of U2 since The Unforgettable Fire. I've seen them eight times and I tell ya....every show I've seen you play brings great memories of the concerts I've seen. One thing I'd like to say to you all... I can't believe how awesome it is to hear you guys play Lady With The Spinning Head. You probably play it better than U2.
Joe // Cleveland

I can't believe what a great job you did at Jeff Healey's Roadhouse last Saturday! I had to queue for half an hour to get in and once inside getting to the bar took about as long too but it was totally worth it to hear you play the whole of "Achtung Baby" flawlessly! Amazing! The Joshua Tree tour set that followed was the icing on the cake!
Larry // Toronto
You're not just the best tribute to U2 out there, but perhaps the best tribute to any act... great job guys!
Rick // Calgary

Fantastic to see you again in Orlando. The new songs sounded great - can't wait to hear more!
Cindy // Orlando

Hello! I just wanted to say that i saw your show on Saturday night and it was AWESOME, I hope that you guys liked the BCers and want to come back this way!
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show in Chicago. It was awesome. I am looking forward to the next time you guys play in the area.
I really enjoyed the show! I just loved how you came on stage like Pop Mart! It was just so exciting and brought back so many good memories. Everything I had heard about Elevation Canada was true! I do feel Elevated! Thank you for coming to Cleveland and thanks for putting on a great rock concert!
I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that your performance last Saturday at the Hard Rock was absolutely brilliant. It made the eight hour drive from New York City worth it. You were simply superb. I have seen several U2 tributes but you top them all.
Daragh // New York
Just wanted to say that you guys were great! When I heard that a U2 tribute band was playing in Thornhill, I thought, "Oh great, gotta see these guys make fools of themselves," and WOW was I wrong! I've been a U2 fan since 1982, I've been to all of their shows and you guys ROCKED! Hats off to your guitarist! I swear The Edge was there that night!
Lou // Vaughan
Shawn, I can't tell you how impressed my wife & I were by the quality of the show you guys put on at the Commodore in Vancouver. The sound was great, the show was awesome, and you my friend ARE Bono, I've seen U2 four times through various years/tours, and your mannerisms as Bono were uncannily similar (almost scary!)
Paul // Bermuda
You guys are the best U2 tribute band I have ever seen. Unbelievable energy, sound and enthusiasm. I can't believe how tight you guys are.
Derek // Detroit
You guys were absolutely fantastic! Universal Records approached me to pass on a huge congratulations to the band for a tremendous show.
Craig // Milton
Just wanted to let Elevation know that I really enjoyed your show last night. You guys really put on a great show. Having seen U2 perform twice last summer in Dublin, I have to say that your show is almost like being back in Ireland! Keep up the great work!
Jim // Malta
Finally, the highlight of my weekend! ELEVATION CANADA!!!!! I can't even put into words how much ass they kicked on stage that night! The crowd was just insane, jumping up and down, singing every word, just like an actual U2 show.
Charlene // London
Dear Elevation, we want to say that Elevation put on a completely terrific show last night. We could hardly imagine a better performance - truly a combination of skill, devotion and professionalism. Thank you for coming our way!
Neil and Jennifer // Orlando
I just attended your concert in Bermuda this past weekend and it was an amazing performance!! First time I've ever seen you and you are dynamic and a very talented group. I was very impressed and can't wait for your return next year.
Catarina // Bermuda
First of all, let me just say that it was a GREAT show & you were ALL amazing!! You're all super musicians, plus you were all so gracious & easy-going afterwards that I felt like part of the family.
Carolyn // Etobicoke
The guests here are still buzzing about your excellent performance last week. I want to personally thank you for doing such an amazing job. We would all like to see you here again and we'll make it happen. Thanks!
Elevation just blew me away! They almost sounded like the real thing! The costumes were killing me! That frontman is a showman! I could hardly believe that huge voice was coming out of that small body! WOW!!!
You guys tonite were by far one of the best bands I have ever seen... your energy, and talent was incredible. Thank you for an incredible nite.... I can't wait for you guys to come back!!
My friends thought Elevation was awesome and the best group of the night. They will check out the website and go see them again.
Ryoko // Japan
Thanks for the great job you did for us and the nice attitude. We love working with fun bands. We will stay in touch.
Dan // San Francisco
Saw you guys in Ottawa and as a huge U2 fan I was really impressed!! All of you were great. Hoping you guys will come back to Ottawa again soon!
Shannon // Ottawa
Thanks for a great show tonight. I look forward to your next visit. I thought you guys were tight. Enjoyed the Edge, and his pony tail cracked me up! Thanks!
A quick note to let you know we had a blast last night - and once again, you guys have a knack for nailing the set list. As usual (that was our fourth time seeing you), you killed the standards, but it was the rare gems that I loved. Gone, Wire, Please, An Cat Dubh, God Part 2, Kite etc, were fantastic to hear. Thanks so much!
Pauline // Toronto

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